Mullvad VPN+ new linux user

Hello who using Mullvad vpn ? Is it worth to buy ? Any bad expirience with that provider ?
And second question im new linux user and Im using garuda linux any reccomandation what programs should I install ? Thanks

Yes, Mullvad is one of the best options you can choose. They are a very respected provider in the privacy community and have had no big scandals since they started their operations in 2009. With them, you don’t have to commit to a lengthy subscription that would require you to spend a lot of money in one go. You can pay for just one month at a time or whatever you want. The price stays the same. Since the price is only 5 euros per month, you can easily try them out, and if you don’t like them, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. I have had great speeds with them, and the connection has been very stable. Especially their owned servers have been excellent regarding speed and consistency. However, if you want to stream Netflix or other streaming services, Mullvad might not be the best choice, but in my experience, many streaming sites will still work if you try out all the servers.


Mullvad has been great and caused no problems when I’m connected to wifi. I’m just using it on my phone, though, so when I am using my cellular connection, for some reason certain services and browsers don’t work. At that point, I just switch to a free Proton VPN account. Your mileage may vary so I would recommend to try it out for a month and see if you’re good!

Here’s the topic where I outlined my problem:

For Linux, I think you just want to install based on what you need? The security principle to follow is to minimize attack surface by just having less software on your device. However, realistically just use what you need since most of it will be free and open source. Do you have specific tasks you’re trying to do and need app recommendations for?

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I had a similar issue a while ago and I asked the Mullvad support about it and they recommended to change the Wireguard MTU value to 1320 which worked for me. On their website they recommend trying 1280 if you’re having problems. You could try that.


Amazing, you totally fixed my problem! I just tried it at 1280 MTU and it works no problem! Yes, hopefully I don’t have to swap VPNs anymore! I have to learn what MTU is, but I’m today.

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Mullvad is excellent it can be started minimized and has a killswitch all on linux, with options to pay in cash or Monero. So your payments are private, your vpn never comes off even during sleep and waking it up, you can now torrent, watch Netflix (I don’t know why you’d use this if you torrent COUGH COUGH AHEM anyways), browse the internet, and use public wifi more safely. Mullvad plus a strong privacy setup is truly an excellent tool that I cannot recommend enough I am very very happy with it. That little mole is awesome. If you self host you can turn on lan connections and run docker containers through mullvad via gluetun. Beware of captchas and we wary of banking with vpns on some services may restrict access with a vpn active. Disney+ I believe needs the IP to be in the same location the billing address is in so if that’s in the US use a US server.

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I tried it but in my experience it was too slow and locked up my internet every couple of days. I am in the US and I note most of their servers are in EU so that could be part of it. On linux the only common vpn provider I haven’t had problems with such as internet snafus is nordvpn. I have tried protonvpn and it had some problems also.

I haven’t tried Safing SPN offering but plan to in the next few days.