Mullvad issues on Linux?

Basically I’m trying to use Mullvad on my Linux machine. Using Fedora 37 and everything is up to date. I launch Mullvad, the app says that my connection is secured, but then the VPN connection won’t actually be there in the settings. I try to launch it in the settings app and then it just doesn’t work. Not sure what I gotta try, and I’m sure I’m not explaining it in the best way.

After you launch and enable the VPN in the app, is the connection listed when you run nmcli c show --active in terminal? If not, then that’s where I’d start my troubleshooting. I had this issue with ProtonVPN a while back and ended up setting up an OpenVPN connection using just NetworkManager. I can’t say I’d recommended this tough. I eventually switched back to the client after a clean build. Nevertheless, here’s a link to a blog post about it: WireGuard in NetworkManager – Thomas Haller's Blog

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Hmm, so my Mullvad does show when I type that command. Then I checked Bing Maps and Apple Maps to see where it starts me off and sure enough it’s in the location I selected. I assumed it wasn’t working based on how the GUI looked in Gnome, but I guess it was working this whole time. Thanks!