Mozilla VPN - Track record / Pros/Cons

What do you want advice about?
What have you considered or looked at already?
I looked up existing audits
In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
I’m trying to protect myself from the government, isp, and people who don’t like my sexuality.

I recently started using Mozilla products like Firefox and Fennec. I am wondering if MozillaVPN is any good.

I am using Mullvad for years now, but as I use more and more Mozilla products I would like to support them by using a paid product and want to know the differences and if it has a good track record.

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Mozilla VPN is literally Mullvad. So do your research on Mullvad and if you find Mullvad to be fit for your threat model, Mozilla VpN will be too.


Thing is tho that Mullvads security audit is for their service and the Mozilla one was back in 2021 and had major concerns

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I would just say it depends on what you’re priorities are. Do you care more about your privacy or supporting Mozilla? I love both, but if it were me I would stick with Mullvad.


I found that there is no option for mozillavpn on fdroid as well which is just very sad

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Mozilla VPN uses Mullvad’s server network, but otherwise Mullvad is actually a lot better for privacy.

  1. Mozilla VPN doesn’t allow anonymous registration. Instead, you have to give them your email address.
  2. Mullvad allows payment with cash and Monero, Mozilla VPN doesn’t.
  3. At least the Mullvad Android app requires fewer permissions, and it doesn’t use any trackers compared to Mozilla VPN (4 permissions, no trackers vs. 13 permission, 2 trackers).

So, I would just choose Mullvad if I were to pick between these two.