Most secure os?

Hi i am looking for a “super” secure os some say it is openbsd or bsd and some say it is linux so what is your opinion and what about kodachi linux and openbsd.

It depends on your threat model!

If your threat model involves protecting against targeted attacks by state-sponsored actors, you may want to consider using a more secure and privacy-focused OS like Qubes OS or Tails, which offer features like compartmentalization and anonymous communication.

On the other hand, if your threat model involves protecting against common malware and viruses, then a mainstream OS like Windows or macOS may be sufficiant.

Thank you very much and also what is your opinion on kodachi and openbsd

I would also add that Linux is sufficiently secure for most threat models with the added benefit of being way more private out of the box. But not all distros are made equal: consider Fedora to start off.


openbsd is a much more secure os than linux, freebsd hardened is also p good


I think kodachi is in alpha.

Openbsd is good for server use, but for desktop use openbsd will fall short as most programs will be out of date or don’t exist in pkgbuilds. Same goes for freebsd.

I can’t claim any kind of expertise here, but for a desktop OS, QubesOS is often touted as being very secure. For a server, OpenBSD is likely an excellent choice. And for mobile, probably GrapheneOS.

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You may wish to consider whether a Macintosh computer in Lockdown Mode might suit your needs.

I disagree running OpenBSD on -current on workstations the majority of programs are up to date including web browsers. I’ve never really come across an application that OpenBSD didn’t have pretty much all of the essential linux programs are there. I wouldn’t recommend it for a novice user but it’s much more simple than linux in terms of how the system operates, the documentation is also fantastic basically the best I’ve seen.

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Been running Qubes OS as my daily driver for over 10 years. It can be challenging to setup and tweak, but once you have it the way you like it’s really smooth, and the security is tough to beat.

You can run almost any OS inside Qubes. Everything is running in its own VM…even Windows if you need it.

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Quite the opposite actually. Except NetBSD, no BSD systems have good documentation on it’s internal APIs. SDKs for developing on OpenBSD thus don’t exist.

All flutter apps won’t work and many more apps aren’t there in OpenBSD.

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In this context I am not talking about developer documentation, I am talking about end user documentation. As we are discussing usage of a system for an end user not a developer. (Also im not a developer)

I don’t use flutter apps myself, it has everything that I need to get things done. Honestly can’t really think of any flutter apps on Linux that I’ve used. Maybe you can add something here that I’m forgetting…

Flutter apps work on Linux. Yes, they aren’t the most liked solution by Linux community, I’m just putting this out there as a potential disadvantage as they don’t work on OpenBSD.

What you’re referring to is a wiki, not documentation :nerd_face: