Most secure email service

What do you want advice about?
Can anyone suggest me a really secure and open source email service provider that i can use an the primary account.
What have you considered or looked at already?
I’ve already looked at proton mail and wouldve love to see others with same level or more protection and transparency
In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
what i want to do is create an email address that would stand as a primary address at top and then i would use annonaddy to create multiple aliases to use for all my services. this way i would only need to maintain the email provider and annonaddy.

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ProtonMail is arguably the best at the moment, regardless of whether you want it free or paid. If you use Proton, then you get SimpleLogin free too. Paid plan obviously has more features, more email aliases, etc. Other providers I can suggest are Tutanota and possibly Skiff. Mind you, Skiff does not support PGP because they use a different encryption algorithm.

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The same is also true with Tutanota.

would i be able to pay for simple login from ios app. i would just want simple login because proton plans are very expensive where i’m from. also i’d like all my subscriptions to be under apple so i can manage everything there.

SimpleLogin is available as a standalone service, and you have iOS support in the Premium plan (you can check the website for pricing). If you find Proton paid to be too expensive then do consider Skiff or Tutanota. Both are good options that have been reviewed. StartMail is also a rather cheap option (no free plan) but with the System1 acquisition I’m not sure if you can fully trust them, though they have a reportedly good reputation.

As you can see here, Mailbox is another good option (though I haven’t used it): Encrypted Private Email Recommendations - Privacy Guides

Also another piece of advice, keep a Gmail/Outlook account as an account for work and/or anything where you’re gonna be tracked anyway (Facebook and other social media). Gmail is good if you need WhatsApp backups. Having a separate ID like this for Big Tech dependent services helps isolate your private activity.

Email is not secure, that’s generally speaking. It depends on your threat model ofc, but Snowden said that he doesn’t use email (instead using signal).

Obviously signal isn’t a direct replacement for email, and so if you must send a message to an email address, and you have a high threat model, you better encrypt it. You can use either asymmetrical encryption (RSA) or symmetrical encryption (AES 256, Serpent 256) and then share the encryption key with your recipient after encrypting it with their public pgp key. Any sensitive attachments need to be encrypted as well.


Well he used email but only with PGP