Montana’s TikTok ban: why has it happened and will it work?

If Montana would make it illegal for any company to collect personal information not essential to a service they offer I would buy property there…

Haven’t read the article, but I’m pretty certain that it will not work. If someone wants to access a service/app/product, banning it just makes it go underground. Wasn’t there a US state that recently banned “the hub”? In that state, searches for VPNs skyrocketed, to bypass that ban. As a result, it’s now underground.

Instead, you must both educate, the people, and regulate the service/app. Educate folks on the dangers of a given product, why they should care, and so on. While also regulate the service/app, to limit the harm. If someone wants to use it, and understands the dangers, that should be acceptable. An outright ban accomplishes nothing.

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PornHub blocked Utah, Louisiana is probably next. This is over age verification.