Minimal and Privacy Respecting Open Source Calendar Recommendations

I am looking for recommendations on calendar apps for Graphene OS which are privacy respecting and minimal. I don’t care about synchronization, and would like it not to communicate with the outside at all, ideally. I just want a simple local software in which I can enter the times, dates and descriptions of upcoming events and set alarms and notifications for them.

Thanks in advance.

Etar is a good option for you in my opinion :

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Thanks, it does seem like a nice option.
I found also Simple-Calendar, which seems like a similar app. I am trying to compare them now. Any opinions on it?

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I really like it as well. You can’t go wrong if you go with one of those apps. I also really like the Simple Mobile Tools suite of applications, I am currently using their Dialer app, their Contacts app, their Calculator, their Gallery and their SMS Messenger app.

How did the comparison go? Which calendar have you ended up with? I am personally using Etar which I consider a better of the two (better UX, more features and active development), but I have never experienced much with Simple-Calendar.

Although I am using other Simple Mobile Tools apps, too, they are usually too simple for me and I lack some features here and there.