MINDS alternative social media platform

Just recently I was banned from using Meta (Facebook). The reason is based on my having used American military service members from WW I displayed in my profile picture.

I switched over to MINDS as it seems easier for one to express ones self without worrying about censorship.
MINDS as a social media platform is a bit more political. The main issue is that users can have discussions and post material without censorship.

I was wondering if Techlore would be interested in using MINDS to promote their site and send out notifications once a new video is posted whether they be political or not.

Please understand my goal is not to promote MINDS. I’m just asking if anyone, particularly Techlore would be interested in using the platform as a supplement to discussions.techlore.tech.
Perhaps someone would like to engage in dialogue over privacy issues and government policy.

TBH I don’t know how to feel about any service that’s heavily involved in crypto these days. MINDS might be a legit and user-respecting service for all I know but I’d be lying if I said the crypto reward stuff didn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth.
If you’re still looking for other social media platforms, Mastodon seems pretty healthy these days and Techlore is already on it IIRC, though I’m pretty sure politics are pretty prevalent there as well.


True. I think MINDS is trying to pay for their service by means of crypto payments.
I’ve been using it for a couple of months and the experience is rather good.
The only time I’ve experienced anything crypto related was due to a post that was made private.

I looked into Mastadon and it too is pretty nice. I prefer MINDS because they are actively posting their videos on Odysee. They also have video forums which are interesting and quite professional.

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Several years ago we used to be on Minds (If you take a look at the outro sequence of the early Go Incognito lessons you’ll see the logo there) We didn’t enjoy it. Little engagement, not a fan of the cryptocurrency aspect, and just couldn’t find a use-case over other platforms we were considering like Mastodon as @alula mentioned. It’s really hard to balance our time/resources with trying to expand to more alternative platforms :confused: Wish we could just have accounts on everything.

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