Military Using Augury

Thoughts on this topic from Vice?

I don’t think anyone is surprised government agencies are buying data from private companies.

The article is not very concrete about that exactly is being sold, but them having access to encapsulation data is probably not news to anyone.

I think the most surprising part of the article is that cymru is hosting some/all of the Tor services.

If you are an American the military’s use of this should not be that concerning. The military does not do domestic…well anything. If the DoD is buying this, it is to track foreign targets/events/areas of interests.

Now if you are not an American…well…

Also if the military is buying this for foreign use you can bet domestic law enforcement is using it too. That is worth being concerned about for Americans.

Also in general this is a good reminder why it really does matter if the Panera Bread app always knows your location.