Migrating for Notion?

I’ve seen a post already about FOSS notion alternatives, but what I am looking for is a way to transfer my setup and notes from there to a new platform. It is okay is this is a planned feature since I am not going to do the transfer in the near future.

Notion exports in several formats, and the contents in Notion seem to me a big deal to me. If your talking notes and images several options may match up to what your migrating to. If your working with tables, you might need to move over that data one table at a time.
My experience has been around moving notes from notion to Obsidian, but my go to lately has been Amplenote, both of these apps focus on markdown.

+1 on the Obsidian recommendation, especially if you like to use markdown. While it has a good privacy reputation from what I’ve seen, Obsidian is not free and open source.

The nice thing, though, is that each note is saved as a basic markdown file which can be transferred to any text editor that reads markdown. There’s also no account to sign up for. It’s just a piece of software that you download and run!

The downside is that there is no cloud offering. You can pay for syncing, but that’s like $10 a month and may not be worth it for some.

I would recommend to download it, try it out, and see if it works for you. Since you don’t need an account it’s much less of a headache than the services that you need to make an account for only to find out that you don’t like it.

It is open source

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The synch issue was just one reason Obsidian was neglected. AmpleNote is what I use now as it is synched and jots turn into notes, these notes turn into projects and the I move them to Obsidian.

Is AmpleNote open source?

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No, it is not open source.

Obsidian is not open source software and this repo DOES NOT contain the source code of Obsidian.

Directly from the repo.

I got excited when @jaccid said that because I know there was some discussion about it and wondered if they went for it with their 1.0 release. Alas, I came across the same thing.


Bruh I always thought it’s open source that sucks

I thought it was open-source as well :frowning_face:

It looked really good, I was considering using it but I don’t think I will as I am trying to use mainly FOSS.

I use Obsidian. It’s really useful and helps me to map out all kinds of notes, ideas etc… As others have stated already, Obsidian is unfortunately not open source.