MEGA vs. Filen? Help me choose

Thanks for the correction. I edited my comment accordingly. Do you happen to know if the server-side code is open-source as well?


I had never heard of

I had heard of , but mostly no good things.

I am fairly privacy conscious , but I still learn about new software and services. Fortunately there are groups like this one. That support people and where you can learn every day.

Just looked up. Didn’t find if the server side is open source, but I did find the github

Hopefully this will help you?

How about pCloud?

Not even open source

No problem! Happy to help.

As far as I know the server-side code is not open-source. This is the case for most services as there is no way to verify the code running on the server. It is also to prevent people from bypassing anti-abuse measures.

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I have used rclone to encrypt and upload large amounts of data, although now with either of these providers. I imagine that it’s possible, but not the most secure, to share the encrypted and uploaded rclone data by sharing your rclone configuration with those who need access to the data. Be sure to thoroughly test, especially concurrent uploads.

Well, naturally. If you lose your key/password, you can kiss your data goodbye. As long as it’s configured properly, however, it shouldn’t increase the risk of data loss assuming you can store your key/password safely.