Mega Photo/cloud Storage?

I have heard of Mega for cloud storage because of its encryption. I have primarily used google photos from image cloud storage but I’m trying to move away from google.

So is Mega a good option for this? Currently Mega is the only thing I have heard about so if there is something better let me know your option. Suppose there is one that is good for certain things as well.

Mega is generally criticised for it’s past security feuds, but if you can look past it, may be for you.

yeah, I just downloaded all my photos from google take away and upload them to mega.
So Far it seems to be working out for me

For a normal user is completely ok. Their apps are FOSS and from all the services I tested it has best user experience.

Mega gives you 20 GB free storage, let me repeat that… 20 GB FREE.
No other cloud storage provider i know of has offers that much free storage.
F google.
Eventually protondrive, but it has only 500 MB storage from what i remember, that’s nothing compared to mega. I’ve been using mega for years, never had any issues.