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It would have been fair to close Discord community along with Matrix community. Matrix has its flaws, but that to me is not sufficient reason to prefer it over Discord. Matrix will fail if people just keep using Discord/Whatsapp. It always comes down convenience and practical business decisions, doesn’t it? You cannot criticize schools or governments for choosing invasive software, if even the enthusiasts refuse to be the pioneers who give alternatives a chance. Not a chance for a few months, but fair chance in form of actual support through years it takes to develop a polished application.
The forum link in the description is why I started to use Matrix, and because it was installed on phone, became the app I use to talk with people close to me.
This would not have happened without the Matrix Techlore community, instead I would have further increased my dependence on discord.
The problem is not the closure of Matrix community, but the disparity in treatment awarded to Discord and Matrix users. You have shown Discord users, that Discord is indeed the right choice. The reasons you have outlined for closing Matrix specifically are good, but not good enough for you.


So, you mean private sign up options are a bad idea?

Well said. Techlore was important to the platform.

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rip techlore, since the recently video. I have unsubscribed…

it’s just an excuse, i have more access to bots on discord than matrix also revolt is a great alternative but techlore said no

Which video are you talking about?

I have read this reply so many times and i still dont understand what you’re saying.which video are you talking about? Please specify

I found the real-time communications in both Matrix and Discord are very poor for advice.

This type of forum works much better.

That said - I do find it pretty strange that Matrix was removed and Discord was kept. I find Discord to be a difficult ‘culture’.


Ummm,what do you mean by difficult culture?

It’s probably due to the age gap/common traits that discord users tend to have haha

Matrix and Discord are similar in the kind of tool they’re trying to be. There are the pros and cons that each has as products, but there’s also just the popularity of each within the Techlore audience. I’m not sure what the stats were, but if Discord is an order of magnitude more popular than Matrix in the community, from a certain perspective you have to recognize the difference in value that represents to the community and Techlore as a company.

And then you have to factor in the desire to introduce a new platform (this forum) and make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin. Besides the challenges that they dealt with for the Matrix room, they also had these practical tradeoffs to consider. They got to a point where something had to be cut, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your preferences.

All things being equal, I think Techlore’s preference would be to use only Matrix and Discourse. However, they don’t exist in a vacuum and have to meet folks in the middle, especially given their stated goal of bringing privacy to the masses. If you’re still convincing folks to use Brave, don’t expect them to leap into your Matrix room for privacy advice.

@lcalamar, this isn’t meant to imply that you hold some of the views I’m arguing against, but it was just a chance to push back at a lot of the recent negativity in this thread. I understand that it sucks to see a FOSS project be adopted and then put back on the shelf. Ideally they would all skyrocket and take over the world. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. In my opinion, one of the goals of FOSS projects should be to become good enough that folks won’t turn them down a second time. At the end of the day, people have to choose the tool that works best for them.


techlore moving’m-leaving-custom-roms-here’s-why.:1

Thank for a great explanation! Sums up a lot of the issues I disliked with Matrix! Love the forum from what I’ve seen, and I’m glad the Discord community still lives as I enjoy all the chitchat there :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear this as I find Matrix very interesting and superior technology generally. Arguably more discoverable too which is the weakness of forums. Topic based history is certainly nice though.

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I agree. However, it would have been nice to have some sort of indication that Discord will eventually be on the chopping block as well as instant messaging is a bad format for this kind of discussion. Still, I am appreciative of all the work done at Techlore and thankful for them providing me this forum for free.

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At the time of this writing, I didn’t know that Discord was potentially going to be removed, but realistically I don’t think it will in the short-term for three reasons.

First, they said it’s easy to moderate, which means less effort on their end.

Second, it’s a good entry point into the privacy community without asking folks to make a whole new account. I think many people will hop into a Discord server just to see what it’s like. From there they decide to stick around, stay in the server, mute the server or dump it in a folder, or outright leave. It it’s easier to invite them to participate on a platform like that, so I think it’s a good entry point for people who are really unfamiliar with the privacy world.

Third, if moderating is relatively easy then I don’t see why not keep it open for people with more basic threat models. Keeping it open is a show of good faith to more people than just those who want max privacy.

Just my opinion, though, who knows what will happen. It’s probably safe, though.

No formal PSA on Discord because we don’t know either. But it’s taking almost no time or energy to maintain right now and we’d rather not yeet 3,000 more members out of a community. In an ideal world, the new Discourse chat feature will work to replace Discord as it improves.

Discord is safe short-term, not long-term.

I wholeheartedly agree with you all on the Matrix shutdown. I use Matrix for one community and the protocol needs a lot of work still in general.

I hate Discord but unfortunately it is more polished for chatting. I just hate it from a privacy standpoint as it basically opens a firehose of data straight to them.

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