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A bit of blog post/Letter to Google

Sadly, you can’t trust google. As an example, Google killed Google Domains (sell to Squarespace) which they ran for ~9 years and made money!! Why?

Google photo’s free ultimate storage how was this sustainable? You really can’t trust google.

Only thing’s I use Google services (Gmail [job posting notifications], google job search which is excellent, Google SSO for the website’s) for my work life/job searching. For my Personal life, YouTube. I am worried Google is going to kill YouTube one day.

Two final notes, Google do better, add E2EE to Google authenticator and don’t allow malware on your store. Fake Signal malware is so horrible.

Edit: I might still Jitsi meet with sign in google for work.

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Google is pretty unhinged, but I think that Google shutting down YouTube would make more people mad than Google shutting down Google (Search) would, tbh.

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Jonah I think you right. On both fronts Google is pretty unhinged and it is unlikely Google will kill YouTube.

Also I think I’m just salty at Google right now. Recently, I had to help someone (being vague to protect their privacy) with their custom domains which were in google domains to another Domain registrar. It wasn’t hard but it was a lot of domains. Simply put they didn’t wanted to be a SquareSpace customer which is understandable.

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