Markdown Guide video

Working in an Obsidian project, ran across this video on Markdown that would be a quick topic to share for formating topics in this forum. We have discussed many times using markdown in the forum, so I hope this is useful.

00:00 - Intro
00:20 - Text Formatting,
03:10 - Advanced Linking, Aliases
09:00 - Advanced Footnotes
13:42 - Tables
15:00 - Others

MarkDown Guide

At this time I am working on migrating away from Notion and AmpleNote.


In AmpleNote I will work on notes that I am first working on often on multiple devices just jotting and editing. In this image I back link to this topic and convert the time stamps in to a heading where I add notes as needed related to the time stamps. Back linking and collapsible headings help me a lot jumping back and forth in my work flow and collapsing the clutter.

Here is a quick jot and a task, as if I need more to do, picked this up from RSS feed from @theprivacydad

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This is the first I’ve heard of Amplenote, I’m just curious, do you use it in conjunction with Obsidian?

Yes I migrate from AmpleNote to Obsidian. AmpleNote works well with notes, but my big use in AmpleNote is Task. Until I unify my work in Obsidian and build a good template for tasks I use AmpleNote. AmpleNotes is built for a get things done GTD work flow. It is cloud or web based.
I bullet journal. You just caught me clearing browser history in a review process. AmpleNotes Task fit into this. Task which form Notes or Notes which come from Task eventually go to obsidian.

Browser compartmentalization also helps me with projects. Browser History in Brave is usually a PWA or an Account. Where Mull Browser is default browser which has more search history or knee jerk reaction to use a web browser. Good to review.

Once I migrate to Obsidian I do not use AmpleNote to work on markdown files. All that work gets done with anything else that edits markdown.

I see! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m also using Obsidian at the moment, but I’ve never learned Markdown so this tutorial is helpful. I really tried to use Logseq as I’d rather use something Foss where possible but I didn’t enjoy the block based layout for notes.

My Obsidian set up needs work. Notion has been my set up. AmpleNote and Obsidian came into my work flow at the same time.
Obsidian has been more of a back up repository of notes.
Building a task management and Notion interface in Obsidian is taking a lot of time, but I think the end results will be worth it.
Syncing is my next issue other than User Interface.
Importing and working with huge spread sheets in Obsidian is another task.

Nice, never touched Notion but I’ve seen family members with these vast intricate setups.
Regarding the sync, if it’s purely Obsidian to other instances of Obsidian e.g. on mobile, I’ve had great success with Syncthing.