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i currently am signed up for so many services that idk how to keep track of them. till now i was using the firefox inbuilt password manager but now i want to store passwords even outside of firefox. so i thought ill make an excel sheet sort of thing which will contain usernames and passwords and then encrypt it using a tool and then upload it to a cloud storage platform. i realized this is very inefficient. people suggested me to use password managers like Bit warden, keepass xc etc . i am very new to password managers, so i don’t understand how is bitwarden a good choice when all of my passwords are online? sorry if i sound like an idiot now, but i really need assistance on how to manage so many passwords. (also i don’t want to store them locally because 1 format and everything is gone). also i can’t really pay for bitwarden because i am currently a student and have no money

Bitwarden encrypts your passwords so only you can access them

Not at all! It’s better to understand how things work before choosing to use them or not

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does it autofill and suggest passwords in websites? (like how Firefox does)
also, it’s a paid service right?

Bitwarden can autofill on all platforms, although on desktop you need to click the extension and then the correct item. You can make it do this automatically in settings but I think it’s less secure.

Bitwarden has both free and paid plans, free should work fine most of the time

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alright, thanks. but is it possible to import all of my passwords from firefox to bitwarden easily? (because there are a lot and i can’t copy/paste them manually)

You should be able to. There are lots of different things you can import from, i’m pretty sure Firefox is an option

Edit: just had a look and you can import from Firefox :+1:

Just wanting to mention, to get it to work, you’ll need the extension in the web browser, but its worth it.
Even the paid service is worth it for the low yearly price, open source, and TOTP integration.
Its amazing and saves so much time with just copying and pasting of codes. Its worth it.

I will mention, never make this the end all be all for your passwords.
Back up and keep offline, and use keepassXC as a back up option.

This can also be done on android or apple compadible apps


It would also be good to integrate TOTP in to a separate app incase. But that’s if you decide to do so. One I use. Makes it a back up and a specific place to put a Bitwarden TOTP rather than the actual service.

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Bitwarden is very good as a start as already mentioned. It has zero knowledge encryption meaning your passwords are encrypted even when they are in the cloud so no one has access.

I would advice to switch to Keepass later as It’s completely local.
You can sync your passwords with something like Syncthing that doesn’t rely on the cloud but on peer-to-peer connection, or even use Cryptomator or any encryption software to encrypt your password file and sync with any cloud provider of your choosing (as the data is already encrypted on upload).

Sticking with Bitwarden and avoiding all the hassle is also fine as it is an excellent password manager.

One way of keeping track of things is having less things to keep track of.
If you don’t need these services and accounts I would advise practicing digital minimalism as it really helps with privacy and makes your online journey less cluttered!

With most password managers you can just import the passwords stored in your browser. For the rest: there are several ways to find out where you signed up. One of them is to search in your e-mail for phrases like ‘account activation’ ‘welcome’, ‘verify e-mail’, ‘registration’ etc. Do this also in your local language. This way, I was able to resolve 99% of my accounts and even find the ones I created more than a decade ago.

Second step is to delete them or put them in your password manager (plus update with a strong password and enable 2FA if possible).

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A summary.

  • Sign up using Bitwarden (Link below)
  • You can import password from any browser.

Mozilla based browsers

Chromium based browsers (Edge, Opera, Google Chome, etc)

  • Set up 2 factor for your account and make sure located in more than just the Bitwarden password manager, otherwise you risk locking yourself out.

  • Add the extension in to your browser for a better experience

Or an app is available aswell for both desktop and Mobile, this also includes the extensions here aswell.

  • Make sure the account is set up properly to your specifications (email verification, device set up, TOTP)

  • This is also a great time to look at what accounts you have and can start to do some spring cleaning of accounts and minimalism can start to set it.

I hope the process hasnt been difficult, and I hope your transition is smooth and easy. Feel free to let use know if there is anyrhing else to do to help :smiley: