Making Sure my PC is Secure and vulnerability free?

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This morning My gmail went crazy and sent email that there is suspicious activity and logged me out from everything .

The email said " Someone might have accessed your Google Account using harmful malware on one of your devices. You’ve been signed out on that device for your protection."

I went and gained access , changed password, changed password for many sesntive things, and did scan for my Pc ( with TrendMicro Maximum Security , and Malware Bytes ) and nothing was detected .

Reached out to google , and they said it could be a false alarm.

But I want to be sure, can you suggest tools tools to scan and make sure nothing is undetected ?


Make sure you check any third party apps connected to your Google account.
If nothing is being detected are you sure that it was a desktop computer? Did the email from Google mention what device it was?

If you are very worried you can reset your computer using a Windows installation media. Make sure to do that on a separate computer that isn’t infected tho.


I remember it was mentioned by techlore few tools from Norton & Kaspersky and other stuff , all are portable and free but good way to have multiple security tools to scan your systems … do you know this?

I wouldn’t recommend any antivirus software, Windows Defender is included and offers pretty good protection. From a privacy perspective it makes sense to just only use the included anti virus.

You should watch Techlore’s video about antivirus:

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Don’t think that was us, just for the record.

Aside from doing basic scans and a full system reset (if you feel it’s necessary) - it’s safe to call this a false alarm. I’ve had the same warning given to me before as well.

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to piggy back on this, if you use windows defender definitely check out if there are any security alerts in general like:

  • Real time Protection is enabled
  • there are not exclusion folders listed
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