Major tax-filing websites share data with Meta

Three tax companies (H&R Block, TaxSlater, and TaxAct) have Meta pixels on their website that collects sensitive data to include email, phone number, financial account information, income details, and just about everything you put in a tax form.

Ars Technica Story

Of the three, H&R Block and TaxSlayer, have since removed the Meta Pixel at least for now and say they are re-evaluating its use. It seems this may have been a case of incompetence not malice. This has happened many times before including healthcare and educational websites that did not realize even what a Meta pixel was.

For the third company, TaxAct, they not only still have the pixel on their site but they seem to have gone out of their way to report even more information then the default settings of the Pixel that the other two companies had on their site.

Any good news? Well, kinda…

TruboTax only had the pixel on their login screen and it only reported email address. TurboTax claims this is used to deconflict their own advertising on Meta platforms. The pixel did not exist on any pages past login and thus did not transmit any sensitive financial data to Meta.

But also more bad news…Google Analytics is also built into some of these pages but Google claims it does not collect the kind of data Meta does.

Go read the story it is pretty well written and detailed.