"Lunatask" vs "Amazing Marvin" regarding privacy

Hey there folks :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing some research on privacy respecting Todo-Applications for a while now. Personal tasks and projects can be really intimate information about you, which is why I think it is important to protect them.

Techlore has made a very similar video about digital note taking (The BEST Private Notetaking Apps Explained - YouTube), however I specifically am looking for task-management software, aka. todo-apps.

Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with many different apps, trying to sync the task via CalDav oder EteSync (https://www.etesync.com/), but the usability always felt clunky and unpolished.

Then I found these two projects, which look expremly promissing: “Lunatask” and “Amazing Marvin”

Lunatask: https://new.lunatask.app/
Amazing Marvin: https://amazingmarvin.com/

They both offer amazing functionality and cloud-syncing accross multiple devices, which is important for me.

Now I’m trying to figure out if they’re trustworty enough.

  • Both of these apps have solid privacy policies (or at least not terrible ones)
  • The Android App of “Amazing Marvin” has no trackers (awesome!)
  • Lunatask seems to have a bigger approach on privacy and offers a zero knowledge E2E-Encryption (as far as I got it). They’re privacy policy also seems to be slightly better than the policy of “Amazing Marvin”
  • Lunatask does not have an Android-Version YET (they promise to release one somewhere around later 2022 to early 2023)

I like to mention that both of these projects are not FOSS. For my thread model, this is not a huge issue. I’m also willing to pay money to use them, if they offer a polished user experience and give me peace of mind regarding privacy.

Currently I am leaning towards using Lunatask.

What are your guyses thoughts? Would you use one of these apps? Do you think they’re trustworthy? Or do you have some alternatives I might have missed?

Looking forwards to your responses! :smiley:

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I have used both. Both are Trustworthy. Amazing Marvin has a lot more features, but the design needs a bit of an overhaul IMO. Also, the features have a steep learning curve. The devs have confirmed e2ee is not on the roadmap currently, and for now, we can disable cloud sync if we want. LunaTask is great too, and the android app will release q4 2022 or q1 2023. The dev plans to open source it once everything is stable. Personally, I would say, if you don’t require e2ee and require more features go for AM but if you don’t mind waiting a bit, I believe in the longer run LunaTask would be a better choice privacy wise (and design wise too).

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How about Tasks app for Android? It is FLOSS (some features are paid if you get it from Google Play instead of F-Droid) and works with Thunderbird on desktop. Ete-sync can be used along with it to set up end to end encryption. At least to me, it has all the features most people will need. There is also Open Tasks, but it has less features than Tasks from Tasks.org.

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The devs of Lunatask want to open source the software later on? That sounds dope! :smiley: I guess you are refering to the android version and not the entire project, right?

As far as I can tell, looking at the website, lunatask doesn’t lack any important features that I need to be more productive.

The thing is, being able to sync my tasks from desktop to mobile and vice versa is a must for me. So Amazing Marvin telling me to “just turn of sync” does not cut it for me. And I happily take proper E2EE over some nice to have features.

So yeah, I think Lunatask seems like a better choice for me personally.

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I’m also using Tasks.org on my phone at this moment. It’s a sweet app! I’ve not been able to find a Desktop-Client to sync with EteSync, which I would be 100% happy with personally.

EteSync offeres a DAV-Bridge (etesync-dav/README.md at master · etesync/etesync-dav · GitHub) and I managed to get some Desktop-Apps working with it. However, the CalDav-Sync always felt kinda clunky or the Desktop-Clients lacked some productivity-features.

The project, which worked the best for me on Desktop was Planner (https://useplanner.com/). It also had alll the features I needed and a sweet looking UI. Sadly, the CalDav-Sync via the EteSync-Bridge would rarely work as expected. It was a clunky experience and not really fun to be honest.

I’ve also been tinkering with a local EteSync-Server on my Raspberry Pi, which was surprisingly tidious unfortunately (probably because the Raspberry Pi uses ARM and the Bridge AMD). Docker would also not work, because it fetches an AMD-Image and would run into the same issue again. I got too fruststrated after that to continue tinkering with Python virtual environment at that time, which is why I said “screw it”.