LTT talks about foss software

Haven’t watched it yet but it seems pretty cool to see that a large youtuber talked about foss software on stream.

Glad for the increased publicity. I wish more folks could see how powerful FOSS is. They don’t really diving into the side of it in the video, which is fine.


Important to note as Henry mentions FOSS can sometimes be a synonym for Private, just something to note. A FOSS app can spy on you just as a Proprietary app can enhance your privacy.

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There is some risk that a FOSS program can spy on you, but it is generally uncommon, especially for the well known ones. The source code for the big projects get audited, while with the small projects you have to put a bit more trust in.
Overall, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a FOSS tool that does more damage than a proprietary one.