Louis Rossmann - "Why I deleted GrapheneOS"

In this video Louis Rossmann goes over why he stopped using GrapheneOS and his issues with Daniel Micay

Louis left a comment under Techlore’s “GrapheneOS: The Most TOXIC Privacy Community (Attacks on CalyxOS, Seth Simmons, Techlore, & More)” video saying: “This is informative, and unfortunate”. Daniel sees this comment as an attack against himself and the GrapheneOS project.

My Opinion

I used to like Daniel Micay, although I knew that his style of communication was really bad at some times, and I used to just sweep it under the rug. But this move by Micay really went too far, and it shows that he can’t deal with criticism, which is unfortunate. He claims that Techlore’s screenshots were doctored, but to this day fails to provide any evidence for this. It’s ridiculous.
I will continue to use GrapheneOS on my mobile device for the additional privacy and security, but I view the project, and its leadership, very differently. I won’t ever defend Daniel Micay in discussions again, as he likes to just randomly attack other people without any proper reason. He thinks way too extreme and abstract, if you don’t absolutely hate and disguise Techlore, Micay hates you. This is sad and unfortunate, as it will neither help the GrapheneOS project, nor the privacy and security community in general. It’s sad to see things change that way.

What do you guys think about this?


I think with mr dicay shills everywhere i just want to use calyx os more

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Now I get it why techlore’s GrapheneOS video was on top when I searched Techlore on YouTube😂


I still use GrapheneOS but after seeing this and also some of the messages that he posts in matrix rooms, I am actually starting to doubt if I want to run an operating system running on this guys code, even if it is the best option available.

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I agree with Louis Rossman: this is sad.

Note also that Daniel Micay has stepped down as lead developer of GrapheneOS:



That’s :bat: :poop: crazy :astonished:

This is just sad, I really hope Daniel Micay eventually admits to himself he needs help and talks to someone. Seeing enemies everywhere you look is not a good thing.


I have an interesting story of sorts that involved Daniel Micay. I was just starting to dive deep into privacy, which led to security and FOSS solution, which led to me wanting to contribute back and make my own.
Just around the time I joined GrapheneOS Daniel was asking on matrix for developers to work on things. So I thought this would be a great time to learn mobile programming. He was beyond rude to my young naive self of just trying to figure things out. I left, learning python instead and now doing cybersecurity (with lots of python automations) full time.

Thinking back about that choice and if the GrapheneOS community was more welcoming I might have been a mobile programmer today instead.

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I actually really interested what programs will you make my dear friend but please don’t add Malware into them