[Louis Rossmann] GrapheneOS; the greatest mobile OS of all time. Common usability misconceptions DEBUNKED!

Figured some folks would be happy to see GrapheneOS get higher profile coverage by a popular YouTuber.


This is Poggers.

Finally someone actually goes over the misconceptions, I see too often that people say that Graphene OS isn’t user friendly or is too locked down, when in reality it offers all the same functionality as a normal Googled phone except with increased security and the ability to control your data.

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To be honest, I think that those misconceptions used to be true of GrapheneOS, especially before their implementation of sandboxed Google Play Services. It’s not unfounded, but yes, folks should learn that now things are better. :slight_smile:

I haven’t watched the video but I absolutely feel like there is no slowdown and no weird behaviors, grapheneos feels pretty good and polished. It is just a phone from google without google. The only problems I tend to have are from missing features in iOS I would like on android but that’s googles job.

Which features?

Things like Face ID, wireless charging, easier brightness changing (in IOS it’s one swipe). I wish when apps were installed they would just appear on the home screen. To delete an app or remove it I have to hold on an app go to app info then uninstall. On iOS it’s hold the app and press the x then choose what you want. I find dragging apps to remove them a but odd. Some of the UI design could use some polish. This might be okay for everyone else but for me it kind of ruins the whole experience. Linux has these issues too but the privacy is unparalleled and the devs can’t be blamed. Windows and MacOS have all the money in the world to polish their OS’s. It’s little things like these that make me wonder if I should just live in the apple ecosystem and stop caring about privacy in general lol.

Seems like mostly annoyting things but not deal breakers.
How close are you to switch back?

Not that close the way I go about privacy is I go with the most convenient solution, then the most secure then I settle on something in the middle. I’m trying to move to graphene os I use linux as my main OS anyways and zorin os(linux distro) has integration with androids. Only time will tell I suppose maybe I’ll find something that is really cool in the apple ecosystem maybe I wont.

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You could try KDE Connect or GSConnect (might work better if you are using Zorin OS) to get integrations with your Android phone on your Linux desktop. Probably not as polished as Apple’s offerings but you still get some of the convenience with these integrations.

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Yeah it works pretty well I’m just trying to make sure I don’t give the app root permissions since I want to stay true to graphene OS values keeping the phone secure. Mouse/keyboard control from a phone is always cool to see I can use the phone as a remote, and they changed the name on from GSConnect to Zorin Connect on Zorin OS. (Just for clarification I’m in no position to buy a macbook but from the looks of it the ecosystem’s UX and UI look great). If linux and android could come together to make something akin to the apple ecosystem that would be a solid alternative to big tech.