Looking for privacy-respecting contact app


I am an android user trying to degoogle its life. I am looking for privacy-respecting contact apps for two different use cases :

  • A personnal use case.
    Just looking for something to store my contact that is not google and that would work with my messengers (sms messagers, whatsapp, signal, etc.). As long as it is not google it would be a big step for me but I tend to like who don’t have internet access.
    Do you have any advice for the app ? A preference ?
    Should I expect issue with contact syncronisation in my messager when I start to refuse google contact app autorisation ? Some of my apps became grumpy when I blocked authorisiation to other google app.

  • A share contact “book” for an organisation.
    I know a club who use google contact to share between membres a phone book. I am looking for an alternative for them to share contact over the internet as they may deal with sensitive information. They use the contact list to send people sms and whatsapp so it must be accessible on phone for both android and ios user.
    I don’t know where to start searching. Does anyone know or use such an app ?

Thank you for your help

I use the default contacts app on CalyxOS. Depending on your phone/technical skill, you may not be able to install a ROM like CalyxOS, in that case, Simple Contacts looks quite good.

Unfortunately, I think that the Google contacts app will have access to your contacts (on stock Android). You could try remove it’s contacts permission, although the phone could still have access to your contacts and therefore possibly Google.

Try Simple Contacts, may work, although Google could still have access to your contacts unless you install a degoogled ROM.

Simple Contacts Download:

Thank you. I’ll be trying that.

I believe @alex is correct that Google will always be able to see your contacts on stock Android regardless of what contacts app you use. To get away from this, you will need to use a custom ROM without Google Play Services. Not sure if MicroG (CalyxOS) and sandboxed GPS (Graphene) share your contacts with Google or not (though for the latter, I imagine you can just take away the contacts permission).

I am fairly certain they do not