Looking for browser suggestions for Android and Windows

Was looking for 2 broswers for each, like on where i can dtay logged into all my acounts and on as a throw away for random searches and things of those nature.

Currently i use brave for android and windows and duckduckgo for android as throw away

Also have tor on both


Hello again juice here’s my recommendations for for Windows use Firefox librewolf brave (like your using right now)
And for throwaways accouns use tor or the Mullvad browser for android use brave mull or bromite if you want to and the tor browser for anonymous searches

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First off, I highly recommend AGAINST using brave. I’m not sure how good brave is on desktop, but the Android app doesn’t do anything to prevent tracking or fingerprinting and actually leaks user accounts. I’m not sure if this is due to a terrible sandboxing implementation or because of something else but it is what it is.

As for my recommendations, I use Librewolf for desktop (with Vivaldi as backup), and for Android I use mull and Vivaldi.

On desktop firefox for your account browser and then mullvad browser as your throwaway brower.

On android I would recommend brave and mull.

Also @Arken check out the privacy tests site regarding Brave’s protection on android PrivacyTests.org: open-source tests of web browser privacy

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Sources for this?


it could be the eff’s coveryourtracks.eff.org seems to be bugged on brave for android.

This is generally not a great tool in general to evaluate fingerprinting. Especially for Brave which doesn’t try to blend users together, but rather to randomize fingerprints between sites.

Though maybe this has nothing to do with what @Arken is claiming, so let’s let them supply evidence, as that burden is on them here given they made a massive claim.

Regarding OP, I’m a fan of:

  • Accounts on Android: Brave
  • Disposable on Android: Bromite, Mull or Tor
  • Accounts on Desktop: Brave
  • Disposable on Desktop: Mullvad or Tor
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Hey @henry what is your opinion on the slow updates provided by Bromite? I keep seeing people discussing this issue especially on Reddit. Are you a user of Bromite yourself? Doesn’t it concern you that your browser is potentially exposed to known vulnerabilities? Would love to hear your input on this. Thanks in advance.

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When I go to privacy.net/analyzer and click start then user accounts, brave leaks the kinds of user accounts I’m signed in to. Also from the same test click on fingerprint test and you’ll see that brave doesn’t hide almost any details about the OS, device, browser etc

Then check fingerprint.com, even if you clear cookies and cache or use incognito mode the website still IDs you. A Firefox based browser set up to resist fingerprinting fools the website into generating a new fingerprint hash every time you clear cookies or when you’re browsing in incognito mode.

For details, check this thread. It was posted on brave’s own forums and devs didn’t even try to debunk it.

Regarding this threat, just because Brave devs haven’t responded, it doesn’t automatically mean that the claims presented are accurate. Also, it was rather funny to read about claims that Vivaldi is supposedly more private than Brave when in reality, Vivaldi gets quite literally destroyed by Brave in actual browser tests. Even Microsoft Edge does better than Vivaldi.

Honestly, I don’t really care about these tests when brave fails basic fingerprinting tests, like leaking user accounts. To say nothing about its inability to hide your user agent.

Also brave was once caught redirecting users to their own sites which is borderline malicious behavior. I don’t really trust them.

I’m not gonna reply to saying edge is better than Vivaldi. I don’t use Vivaldi when anonymity or privacy are my top properties so I’m not gonna defend it there, that’s what Firefox based browsers are for, but comparing it to edge when just edge’s apk is loaded with trackers (and Vivaldi doesn’t have any trackers) is silly. Vivaldi’s ad and tracker blocking are actually pretty good.

It’s important to remain skeptical and never swear by any piece of software, especially when it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.