Looking for Android Monero Wallet

What do you want advice about?
I’m looking to buy Monero for the first time to be spent on my Android device. I’m looking for a wallet that works reasonably well. I won’t be using BTC on this particular wallet, just Monero.

What have you considered or looked at already?
I saw posts re Cake Pay, but I don’t understand the difference between the Cake Pay Wallet and the Monero.com wallet by Cake Pay. Or is there a better alternative than these 2? I will be able to spend Monero directly where I’m going. I’m brand-new to Monero, but will acquire it by exchanging some of my BTC on Local Monero probably.

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
Not top secret, just ordinary Monero privacy.

The only difference is that with Cake Wallet you can store more currencies than just XMR while with Monero.com Wallet you can only store XMR. Apparently, this was something that some people in the Monero community wanted. Don’t ask me why. I personally use Cake Wallet because I sometimes have to deal with other cryptocurrencies, but if you plan on only ever using Monero, then Monero.com Wallet could also work.

Thank you @Backfield3779! It sounds like the Cake Pay is working well in your hands as well. I appreciate the advice.
The other question is does it force all traffic through Tor by default (or by setting) or will I need to switch my phone’s VPN into Tor mode? I see some posts online, but it’s not totally clear to me.

It seems that you can use Cake Wallet with Tor using Orbot. Here is their support article about it.

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