Little presentation

Hello everyone! Joining the new forum because I wanted to join the Matrix group, and since that was closed (I was kinda late to the party :sweat_smile:), I wanted to see how good the Techlore forum is. And it’s been a really good experience, so congrats to all the Techlore members for giving us the tools to communicate with each other! :partying_face:

I am Max, having X years old and living on the Earth :wink:. I started this privacy journey around a year ago, with the threat model of leaving big tech as much as possible, but it is more easy said than done so it has been more of a incremental change rather than a night to day thing. And Techlore (as well as other resources) helped me so much to even get this privacy journey started at the first place. Before I started to being more private I though that it was impossible to be private. So thank you again Techlore for giving me the opportunity to take my data back! :purple_heart:


Welcome to the community! Glad that what you’ve found so far has been helpful. :slight_smile:



It always is, from my experience. I am glad people start realizing that and are more favourable to doing small steps at a time, in my opinion. Of course, that also means that if one aims to change everything in one night, they will be somewhat disappointed with the results. But a slow and continuous effort will show, I say.

Take care and have fun.