LineageOS vs DivestOS

In techlore’s mobile os recommendations we could see Divest OS, but couldn’t find anything related to this os on YouTube or any other sites.
By seeing its website looks like DivestOS is much more hardened version of LineageOS.
Anyone using DivestOS?
How good DivestOS is and its history/background?
Can we trust the DivestOS or just should go with the LineageOS?
(discussion about non-pixel devices.)

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Yeah it’s quite good. Just your standard Android doing standard stuff.

I also noticed that DivestOS is being recommended as an option by Techlore and Privacy Guides as well. And that’s about it in terms of information. In Privacy Guides’ case I was especially surprised because CalyxOS is not listed while DivestOS is.

Is anyone here using DivestOS? What’s the user experience like? Noticing any bugs or glitches? How does it compare to other ROMs from a user experience perspective if you’ve tried multiple ones?

Waiting for an opportunity to install either Lineage or some other OS on an Onn Android TV box which from what I can tell is a knock off of a previous Google Chromecast. My intention is to use it with Android Prime Video, New Pipe etc.

I have LineageOS on a Pixel3 right now just for testing.