Lifestyle after choosing privacy in Life

What are your feedback on choosing privacy respected applications & software ? Did you become productive in life ? What about the screen time before & after choosing privacy ? Did you become mentally healthier than ever ?

I haven’t really change anything for me, if anything it has made some things slightly more difficult/time-consuming.

I wouldn’t say privacy directly affected my productivity or screen time, but in deleting certain things because of my threat model, my screen time naturally went down.

Mental health is a tricky thing, especially in the privacy community. I’ve noticed at least in myself, that there’s a tendency to try to reach perfection within a given threat model, which of course leads to burnout and diminishing returns. If you go too far, it can really start to affect your life. I think the privacy community often treats itself as the end all be all, which naturally is nothing but determental to your mental health. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that privacy is the most important thing in your life. That’s a very difficult place to get out of, and it just isn’t healthy.


I think many of the mental issues of come from people overly focusing on the individual, when at its core privacy is a systemic issue.

It’s easy to feel that you are being watch, but the reality is that everyone is being watch. They are not trying to find you, they are trying to find everyone in your demographic.


Shortly after my involment in the privacy, I started practicing digital minimalism. It goes really nicely with privacy focused life. The screen time went down drastically. From 3+ hours per day to 10-20mins. And as a bonus, my phone now stays up to 3 days on one charge :battery: My mental health improved and I’m able to focus better. I started reading again. In the past 4 months I read at least 20 books, which is more than in the last few years combined.


Well, I mostly spent the same time attached to a screen anyways. So no big difference there.

It’s true that as some people mentioned certain tasks might have become a bit more time consuming. But I’m willing to do that extra efford for the shake of both my privacy and security.

Sometimes, when I’m really burned, it may suck tho.