LibreTube set up

Had just a minute to jump on NewPipe, wait still time in the day to work on Privacy and Security. Following a conversation this morning I plugged in LibreTube URL in to Obtainium and installed.
Dark Theme following system ok, can modify home tabs, to get rid of trending, ok I am feeling th… Wait got to turn on Full Screen with Auto rotate. Gotcha. What’s your “default settings”?

I like sharing piped links to promote not using YouTube links.

I better be ready to answer some questions when the old geezers see a video from piped vs youtube How do you onboard your grandma to this?

Here is the YouTube video I shared via Piped link above.

There seems to be a significant difference in video quality with stock setting in LibreTube, default video quality is set to Auto.



Settings > Audio and Video, my preference was to adjust Mobile Data Video resolution up to 720

LibreTube import subscriptions from YouTube FAQ

  1. Go to Google’s Takeout Page.
  2. Select only YouTube and YouTube Music.
  3. Choose only Subscriptions Under the All data included section.
  4. Create Export and Download the zip.
  5. Extract the zip and locate the subscriptions.csv file.
  6. Open LibreTube and navigate to Settings > Backup & restore > Import subscriptions.
  7. Select the subscriptions.csv (may be named in the language of your YT account instead) file.

My suggestion to import from NewPipe.

  1. Go to Subscriptions tab in NewPipe, and open Kebab Menu. Two options Import or Export.
  2. Export to File. I use the Download folder as I keep it empty.
  3. Follow step 6. Open LibreTube and navigate to Settings > Backup & restore > Import subscriptions.
  4. Select the file from the location you exported. I use the Download folder and deleted the export when finished.