LibreOffice and OnlyOffice compatibility issues with .docx and .doc

Hello everyone, I am in my 2nd year in masters and for the past 5 years I have been struggling to use both LibreOffice and OnlyOffice but I am always forced to come back to Microsoft Office because of the bad format compatibility with .docx and .doc

I still have all three installed on my PC but because all my teachers use only Microsoft Office everything I save in Libre or Only Office opens up scuffed in Microsoft Office even though I save the files in .docx or .doc

This works the other way around as well, meaning that if someone sends me a .docx or .doc file and I try to open them up in any of the open source alternatives, 90% of the time (which is almost everytime) it opens them scuffed compared to how they are when you open them in Microsoft Office.

I am frustrated a bit because I use only open source software and I am somehow forced to still use Microsoft Office for college because there is no real alternative to this problem that works perfectly.
I still check both Libre and Only out every new update but so far nothing.

I know that .docx and .doc are proprietary formats by microsoft and is very hard for everyone else to make them work on other platforms (at least from what I heard) but if someone found some fix to this issue and want to share it, I would be very, very thankful.

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Hello there! Welcome to the forum :tada:

This video from The Linux Experiment may help you to make LibreOffice more compatible with MS Office :

If it still doesn’t help you, it’s okay, by the way MS Office has BETTER Security than LibreOffice.