LibRedirect improves privacy?

I am using LibRedirect extension for few days now. It redirects social media links and its contents to a privacy friendly sites. For example, twitter to nitter. Users can customise destination site. But does it actually improves privacy :question:

If you don’t want to connect to the normal sites and trust in who is running the alternative frontend, yes. Also, some of the frontends are JS free, so you’ll have less breakage with JS disabled. But if you’re using the random list that they give you it may be a concern, as someone could fire up a server with the frontend to make some sort of log.

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Randomising the destination server can help though as it spreads the risk

Android 13 has Settings → Apps & Notifications → Advanced → Default Apps → Opening Links. Which works for some apps and links.
What I do not like is having a default browser in Android 13. The ability to choose what browser to open certain links was a pop up in Android 12.
Getting a different VPN to do redirects will require everything else checks out and is comparable.

Can you suggest any instances that is js free for reddit and quora ?

I believe and Teddit will both work ( for example)

I don’t use quora or any alternative frontend, but I think quetre may be a good option, although I haven’t tested. For reddit there are many, libreddit and teddit are the main ones. I personally use a libreddit version of a person that I trust in my country, so it is fast and private.

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