LibreBoot vs CoreBoot | X200

I own a ThinkPad X200 and I have the gear necessary to LibreBoot / CoreBoot it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

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Libreboot basically is Coreboot without some binary blobs.

Personally I would advice against either of them, but functionally they should be the same. You can try out using Libreboot first, if your device still boots you’re good to ignore Coreboot.

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Messing with the BIOS could damage your PC so I recommind sticking with the default. When/if you decide to get a new PC, you could look at some with a FOSS BIOS preinstalled such as System76’s.

I wouldn’t worry about the BIOS too much, I don’t think there are any major privacy concerns with them (please correct me if i’m wrong)

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From my research, Intel Management Engine is one of the main reasons people install CoreBoot/LibreBoot.

Yeah, I wanted to suggest the same as @Raznick
Libreboot first, Coreboot if it does not work (which it should, just be sure to check the little version number on the connector)

The difference between Core and Libre -boot:
Libreboot does not have any proprietary Binary blobs.
Coreboot is very good despite having proprietary binary blobs. I dont think any of these binary blobs are actually malicious.
Both can completely disable the ime after the initial startup afaik

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Libreboot removes all blobs, including the CPU microcode, which means you open it to all the transient execution attacks.

The advantage is that it free software, the disadvantage is that it has a massive gaping security hole.