Let's chat! ㅤㅤㅤ

Hi everyone!
I’m Tony, you’ve probably seen one of my replies or topics around here as I am usually very active, so I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! :hugs:
I like chess, football, I’m also a pretty athletic foodie :0 and you can find me listening to music 24/7
What are some of your interests other than privacy and security?

Sending greetings from the other side of the world (probably) :wave:t2:


Hey Tony, welcome (were you here before me idk lol, I know we’ve talked a good bit already). Some of my interests other than privacy and security are music, video games, tech in general, audio hardware, and frisbee :flying_disc:

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Hey Quinn!

Sick! What have you been playing?

I have been looking for a good pair of headphones, Sennheiser’s HD 600s is my 1st choice till now.

Care to add any that you like?

I really miss playing Frisbee, neighbors used to force us to leave everytime because the frisbee would land on their cars lol

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Commenting on this post since I’ve run out of daily posts myself - is there any way to delete your account here? I don’t see any button to in the settings.

That’s weird. I vividly remember seeing a delete account button in the profile section.
Try emailing support@techlore.tech for support.

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Right now I’m finishing up my 2nd playthrough of doom eternal, next I’m gonna play prey 2017, then after that I’m gonna replay cyberpunk 2077 cause of the new update. As for headphones the HD600s are really good, I’ve got a pair of HD280s myself, and I tried some beyerdynamic headphones at the music store, I forget exactly what model, but they sounded really good. Yeah frisbee is a lot of fun, I really enjoy throwing one around when I get the chance, I also enjoy watching ultimate frisbee

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that sounds like fun!
sadly never got to try DOOM, although I’ve heard and seen a lot about it looks absolutely sick

my storage space is screaming seeing this game :melting_face:

That’s great! Audiophile headphones for the win!

My feeds get flooded with Frisbee clips, people can apparently throw themselves up 3 feet to catch a flying disk

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Yeah doom is pretty balls to the walls awesome

And yeah I wish I could throw myself that far to get a frisbee lol

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Been using them for years now, the best purchase in my audio life. But be prepared to also buy a DAC/AMP and to not use them with your phones!
While they probably have the best sound you will ever hear, you also only get that with a LOT of power (talking 300 ohms here). Add at least 100€ (or whatever currency you use) for a DAC/AMP to the price and a USB slot, instead of 3.5mm.

This makes me want a pair so bad

Yes I have seen a couple articles about this however my community is not a good place to talk about audio as most people don’t know what they are doing and are either using 1$ earphones from the nearest car wash or Beats by DRE which I find very mediocre and not good.
Can you share in a little bit more details what I need and what kind of setup I’m gonna be rocking as online guides only get you so far and It’s better to hear from an actual user.

Then I hope you’re prepared to a not-fun experience! What makes headphones like these great is the “plain” experience. I mean no bass enhancement and stuff like this. The HD600 are not meant to be fun headphones, they are meant for actively listening to music.
Headphones - 1.5 - Graph - RTINGS.com is what I mean by this. You might see that bass is basically non existing, which you might like or absolutely hate. Before you get them, try them out. These are not headphones for everyone.

A lot of Beyerdynamics are much better for some people, like these Headphones - 1.5 - Graph - RTINGS.com

Figure out what kind of sound curve you want to have your music based on, then listen to some headphones that fit this curve and then decide what to buy. Any decent headphone store should allow you to listen to headphones for a short time.

The DAC/AMP I use is no longer available, but you need something like this q3
This one should be usable at home (PC) and for going outside (with your phone). If you use it with your phone, you might expect much lower phone usage as these drain a shit ton of power. You connect them via USB and they get power and music from your phone that way. This specific model can be used with a headphone jack (input) tho, which is why I recommend something like this if you want to use it at home and outside.
If you want to go full music (no PC connection), you can choose something like this Portable Desktop-Class Player M17-FiiO official website

I’m not too much in the current market of audio, as I found what works basically perfect for me years ago. I hope that this still helps you!

I know which is why I think they are exactly what I’m looking for!

RTINGS was actually one of the main reasons I wanted to get these as I messed around on the site quite a bit and wanted a pair that is acoustically transparent and that has phenomenally clear audio. I don’t care much about the bass, I like clearer mids and crisp background sounds.

Definitely been considering getting Beyers however I figured that I would be able to ask around at the store for recommendations or try all of my options out and figure out the one that better fits my style.

Been thinking of getting the Diablo, I think It’s a solid option according to what I found, however I will keep the Q3 in mind!

Thank you it absolutely does! I’ll keep you updated!

Perfect! I just know people that expect headphones like the HD600 to be perfect and not have any flaws. Which is impossible, because the whole concept of this kind of headphone is flawed.

While it is much better, it also costs like 8 times more. You will get much better sound quality with it, I just don’t recommend high end stuff as a lot of people don’t hear a big difference (if any) between them. But if you have the money, go for it!