Less-Discussed Browsers

Hi! I’d like to see what others think of Iridium and Konqueror and Min as browsers.

I used to use Iridium years back before switching back to Firefox. Now, I mainly use Firefox, and I rarely break out Ungoogled Chromium for when I need a PWA installed, or when there’s some feature that isn’t working in Firefox.

I’m thinking of switching away from Firefox because of the apparent security benefit Chromium might have over it (I am thinking of this article: Firefox and Chromium | Madaidan's Insecurities – I use linux). I know that Brave is beloved by privacy/security types, but I would prefer not to use it, though I’m installing it for another test drive now on desktop. I’m also not looking to use something like Mullvad browser or Tor as my main browser.

There’s also Min, which I’ve used a bit here and there.

Any thoughts on the security/privacy benefits of Iridium/Konqueror/Min compared to Firefox or Brave? I’m even considering Vivaldi.


I think you be fine with Vivaldi its more up to date Than these browsers