Leave your favourite Signal messenger stickers here, Pls

I am little bored from my one pack sticker that i have and i didn’t make another one till now, So i wanna see your sticker packs to add more and see your taste.

I normally don’t use any stickers or emojis on Signal, except for :joy: and :+1: and the Bandit the Cat sticker pack.
Below are my most used of this pack:


Just to plug this site for a selection of countless sticker packs: https://signalstickers.com/


I use this awesome sticker pack :

BASED. Thank you very much.

Not bad nice middle finger action. Every pack needs a way to offend someone middle finger should be standard or at least a grabbing of ones genitals with the phrase “choke on this” accompanied by it.

I can’t believe I’m just now finding out about Signal sticker packs. Thanks so much for bringing this to light!!