LBRY Inc. is shutting down

LBRY Inc., the company which maintains the LBRY blockchain and LBC cryptocurrency, which is used by video sharing platform Odysee, is shutting down. This is response to an order by the SEC, but the exact details are unclear to me. It doesn’t seem like Odysee will be directly affected by this shutdown, but I’ve had a hard time finding concrete info on what the results of the shutdown are. The blockchain shouldn’t be directly affected, but not sure how much of a future it has without stewardship unless the LBRY community (to the extent that such a thing exists) decides to maintain it.

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I don’t think it’s going to impact Odysee, in 2021 Odysee was split into its own company to avoid going down with LBRY.

At least the tokens aren’t any more useless. In all seriousness, this seems to be for the best IMO. The best aspects of LBRY/Odysee was the video platform. So as long as that’s staying and they can focus efforts on that, then great.

My only question is if LBRY was the “real” money maker for them and was how they were/are able to host so much video content for free. If that is the case, I’m wondering what’s the game plan from here.