Launch of IVPN Light - short-term VPN access paid with BTC Lightning

Equipped with a BTC Lightning wallet and some sats, you can now set up an IVPN WireGuard tunnel in minutes without creating an account or sharing any personal information. Benefits of using IVPN Light: Short duration access option, you can get a “throwaway” VPN tunnel for 3 hours or up to 30 days duration Priced in sats and affordable - you can purchase access for as little as 500 sats (3 hours) Access up to 5 locations or 1 entry-exit node MultiHop combination with one payment No account required


Not sure if anyone cares but do keep in mind that light packs are not refundable

Never mind I deleted my comment, I thought you were saying “no one cares” about what Henry had to say. I’m assuming you mean to say, “no one will care about what I have to say.” In which case I humbly disagree; all discourse and information is welcome! I’m not that knowledgeable about the term, “light packs”. I assume you mean BTC Lighting. If so then yeah, that is usually the trade off with using crypto for VPNs, but I think it’s worth it; they don’t cost that much anyways.

Light packs are the packs sold under IVPN Light - Quick VPN Access paid with BTC Lightning

Everything else is refundable.

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