Latest Windows AI features for Privacy?

What do you guys think about the new windows update introducing AI features in windows? now it is even more easy to collect a ton of data directly from our systems.
i know windows is already very bad for privacy, but how much more bad does it make it if AI is integrated?

IMO it’s just another way to collect more data. Interestingly you need to give MS Edge internet access to be able to use the AI, which means it will only connect to the internet via MS Edge, so the control you have over data traffic is little to none (someone please do correct me if I am mistaken).

On a side note, does anyone know if the ChatAll app from Github is trustworthy? Attaching the link here: GitHub - sunner/ChatALL: Concurrently chat with ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Bard, Alpaca, Vicuna, Claude, ChatGLM, MOSS, 讯飞星火, 文心一言 and more, discover the best answers

Don’t know about the app itself, I don’t use it, but they are using publicly available models.

You could also use

It’s a web based front end that allows you to use and configure most model backends, similar to stable-diffusion-webui, but for text generation. It can be run completely offline, it runs it own web server on localhost.

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