Kiwi Browser - on Graphene OS

Using GraphenOS - and mostly using Vanadium. However Vanadium while secure - is pretty limited.

I’m trying out Kiwi as with Kiwi I can add some extensions… (Mainly bypass paywalls).

Other than Kiwi loading undesirable content into New Tabs (which I was able to fix using the Tabliss extension) - it operates pretty well from a functional standpoint.

I’d prefer to use firefox - but on Android it is not very good.
My concern is am I giving up much of the gains I get from GOS - by using Kiwi over Vanadium?

I would be careful with the Kiwi Browser as this post states -

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Bummer - I’m trying to find an android browser that allows extensions

UPDATE - so I’m using FIrefox Nightly - and added extensions to it… .so far - so good!

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What extensions you need? If you are looking to increase your privacy through the use of extensions you should refrain from doing that as your browser make it more fingerprintable. Disabling JS don’t help either(@media rules). I recommend Brave which blocks ads by default and uses chromium/V8 engine which known for it’s security. Firefox Nightly is fingerprintable and has no sandboxing on android so I would recommend against it.

Check out Mull. Its a firefox fork with privacy in mind.

Its on fdroid as well and you can use extentions like ublock.

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Cool - similar to LibreWolf??? I’ll check it out

Note: added to my P6P - do you know of a way to add an extension by loading a local file? (I want to have the BypassPaywall Clean Add-on - and it isn’t listed, but I do have the add-on on my local folder - so if there was a way to add it in - I could

(found how to go into debug mode and find 50 add’l add-ons… ALL but 1 I want is included - awesome! (just missing anonaddy… but I get why)

Also - any way to import bookmarks?

It’s recommended not use anything Firefox as long as the sun is rising in the east.

Would you be able to give me some of the reasons behind this?

I have seen loads of people say similar stuff to this but have never been able to get a concrete answer to why.

Edit: Completely forgot about your other post! :sweat_smile:

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On Android any firefox based-browser (even Mull) doesn’t support per-site isolation which is a big security deal.

And don’t forget that kiwi is non privacy browser doesn’t matter if it’s open source or not