Keeweb password manager

Hi. May i ask if Keeweb is suitable to use offline on web broswer. It also have basic protection, open source and other things. It also able to sync on google drive, other drives.

Website link:

I just want to have a offline incase I cannot access the bitwarden online.
I know Keepass is also alternative, but i tried to connect to laptop and failed for me (noob).

Any advice?

Every thing that is know is you can use keepassxc with its browser extention and use syncthing for syncing the keepassxc database.
Another way is that your computer can be bitwarden server.(You can use youtube videos to understand what to do). Its not recommended to do this because your computer must be always on for accessing the database from another computer or phone.

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I also recommend using keepassxc . I have being using it for several years, and it has being great; easy to use and secure.

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Apart from the KeePassXC recommendations you got, you can use keeweb in your browser with an index.html file you can get from their GitHub releases