KeePassXC: passing a password from PC to Android in a secure way? (qrcode)

Hello, I want to use Aegis (TOTP) in my smartphone and KeePassXC in my pc, in order to not keep the two databases in the same machine (single point of failure), but I often need to use my password in android. I’d settle for just accessing password when I’m at home, so is there a way to automatically copy the password from pc to smartphone in a convenient way without keeping the keepass database in the phone? For example a sort of qrcode, but the problem is that I need to clear the android in both devices. I’m able to generate a qrcode of the password but was looking for a more “standard” way of solving the problem.

I’ll not buy a couple of yubikey for now.

You could look into self-hosting a Bitwarden server. Keeping it inside of your network would also be a lot more secure. You could also self-host TeamPass… though, I’ve heard that’s a huge PITA.

Your last option could be having a file server on your local network, and having a password manager read that file, when needed. I know there are apps that can do this… but as I’ve not used Keepass for awhile, I can’t say what they are.

I think that by doing that you might even be more vulnerable to a data leak. Proced with caution.

Since a KeePass DB is encrypted I don’t see a problem in having it at your phone. As far as your password is not compromised it should be okey.

But yeah, yubikeys would be a better solution security-wise.

it is a hassle but the most secure way is to just copy & paste from your pc the your phone & back that is how i do it

KeePass on your phone seems safe to me.

If your using this mainly at home KDE Connect is cool to pass data to your phone quickly.

Some what of a pain but how about compartmentalize a small database of mobile passwords that are less sensitive for convenience.