K9 Client To Use TLS 1.2

So the service I rent server space from for my business site has sent me an e-mail saying they’re basically going to stop allowing my phone client from accessing my e-mail address (that I also have on their server) unless I configure it to use TLS 1.2. Apparently it’s using TLS 1.0 or 1.1.

My phone is running Calyx (so Android 12), and when I search all of the things are talking about Android 4 versions - hardly relevant.

I’ve pawed through the settings etc, and I can’t find anything specifying TLS version?

Happy to share screenshots etc (obviously I’ll redact personal information), if you can tell me what you need to see!

Many, many thanks in advance!

K-9 should use TLS 1.2 without the need to set it up in the settings. it gets the TLS version from the Android system.

I found this in the K-9 Mail Forum

So once they block older TLS versions, K-9 should use version 1.2

just make sure your smtp and imap server settings are set to using SSL/TLS and not STARTTLS.

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Oh, that’s good to hear, thank you so much for that! Like I said, I did do my searching, but honestly the results were… bad. Like, incomprehensibly bad (I’m pretty sure a lot of them were either not in English or literal randomly generated gibberish). So it’s totally plausible I missed that!

Here’s hoping it works out that way! I do have it set to SSl/TLS because that’s what the directions I read told me to do, so good to know they didn’t mess me around :slight_smile: