Just one of the awesome privacy list

I’ve seen a lot of very interesting lists of awesome softwares and tools on Techlore and I just wanted to add one I didn’t see yet here : GitHub - Lissy93/awesome-privacy: 🦄 A curated list of privacy & security-focused software and services

And if you’re wondering which ones I’m talking about… on the ones I’ve seen on this Techlore forum there is one which I find absolutely great : Link mega release


those lists are great but should always be taken with a grain of salt and not blind trusted,
maintaining a like like that is not an easy task which means that there is a very high chance that they are outdated even if they get regular updates.

for example the recommended 2FA for iOS apps:

  • Tofu > no updates in 2 years, you can’t extract your 2FA secrets
  • Authenticator > no updates in 4 years
  • Raivo OTP > they got bought and now there is a huge discussion around it > 2FA app recommandations

or when you look under Browsers:

  • Bromite > no update in 9 months which makes it more of a security risk then anything else

i think https://www.privacyguides.org is one of the few lists that is actively maintained and where I don’t see any long outdated information

:100: . Also, where’s Proton Drive in the cloud storage section and also the list is pretty/very outdated for extensions. You have to just use UBO and maybe your Password Manager.