Just bought a new Smart TV, anything I should be aware of?

Hullo, as the title says, I just bought a new smart TV. I have already denied it Internet Access and viewing Data. anything else I should be aware of?

Without Internet access it is pretty much a normal ‘dumb’ TV, so there is not really anything else to be aware of.

Although, if you plan to watch programmes from any streaming service you will have to allow Internet access.

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Great. just what I want. the only thing we need a tv for is my Nintendo switch and movies. we don’t have any subscriptions to any streaming services, so we are good on that. Thanks!


If you want Internet access for it you can change the dns settings of it to something like nextdns to block a lot of ads and tracking websites.

Other than that there isn’t anything you can do about it.

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Technically, you could use a streaming player to improve security and privacy.

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Great advice. I use NextDNS with my TV (via Nvidia Shield).

This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing it!

Walmart has a cheap Onn Android TV box. My intention is to boot up Info about deadpool | LineageOS Wiki there was a auto update that was messing this up. Not enough bandwidth to work on this right now.

Use a Pi-hole as your DNS server - my smart TV is responsible for probably half the traffic that gets blocked on the network.

I use The Full OSID Blocklist which prioritizes functionality over blocking.

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Know before you go. I checked out this link using TOR browser.

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