July Livestream Q&A - Patreon & Forum Priority Thread! 🙋

I hosted a QA last month, so we’re going to do it again! I’ll be going live Wednesday, July 26th, and all questions from patrons will be prioritized over everything else. The livestream will be public after-the-fact so you can still catch your questions being answered even if you don’t tune in live.

So if you want to ask something, just leave it down under this post and I’ll answer it in the livestream! Just keep it appropriate :slight_smile:

Forum members, you are second priority for questions after patrons in the linked thread above, so leave any questions down below in this thread for our Q&A as well :slight_smile: It was a ton of fun to answer these last month!

Note: If you have a patron badge on our forum you’ll be prioritized here as well :slight_smile: So you patrons can either leave a comment on Patreon or here on the forum for the same effect.


Leaving some questions but answer the one(s) you want.

  • Which one is less invasive from mobile carrier collecting device data (Data only plan), eSIM, SIM or using a hotspot instead of personal device? There are some hotspots with OpenWrt that might improve security and pivacy.

  • Raivo alternative?

  • Brave Guest window vs private profile window usecases and anyway to change its shields and search engine defaults (guest window)?

Do you have some tips on how to approach job searching while keeping a reasonable level of privacy?

My current approach
Email Unique for every job posting, with custom domain to look more professional - techlore-jobsearch@johnsmith.com
Address Part of the zip code or address somewhere in the area (shop, restaurant, … ) just to give a general idea of your location
Phone number Ideally no phone number (there is so many spam calls that it’s pointless anyway), burner phone number
General Always try to apply directly on the company’s website; Domain registered through anonymous registrar;
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Banks are basically a necessity in 2023, because monero just doesn’t cut it for daily spending. Are there any tips or techniques you use to minimise the amount of information banks and credit card companies collect about you? I’ve heard about credit freezes, but for many people that could impact your ability to get a loan, or impact interest rates.

In your recent video titled “Why Browser Wars Are Silly,” you argued that there are many reasons why one could choose to use a particular browser and that people should stop thinking they should only use a single browser when they could use multiple. However, you didn’t discuss the problems that the Chromium monopoly can have for the future of the internet and why a person might want to consider that argument. You mentioned this issue briefly in the video but it seemed that these days you primarily see Chromium as a strength for browsers with benefits such as better security, progressive web apps, and web compatibility, while not mentioning possible downsides.

Regarding the downsides of Chromium monopoly, we already know what a browser engine monopoly can do to the web when looking back to the time when Internet Explorer was ruling the world. Now that Google has been pushing forward new web standards such as Manifest V3 and Web Environment Integrity API, the browser engine one chooses to use seems to start mattering more once again.

Of course, you could argue that Manifest V3 isn’t that awful for the web as browsers can create their own content blockers, but in the end, they will probably never be as powerful as uBlock Origin. Furthermore, if a browser is simultaneously operating in the ad business, the temptation to start whitelisting stuff in your own ad/tracker blocker can increase.

So, my question is, what do you think about the issue of Chromium monopoly, and do you think it should affect one’s decision when choosing a browser?

I was going to ask about your thoughts on the Chromium monopoly, but @Backfield3779 beat me to it. I too think that it’s important to consider given Google’s control over Chromium.

A question I have is why do you think that IRC isn’t suggested much as a private messaging alternative? It is because of its age, or how different it is from current instant messaging protocols?

What browser(s) do you use on mobile?

Do you use an RSS system? If so, what reader/server/client do you use?

I’m considering in buying a new windows pc for personal use and I was wondering, is using linux on a virtual machine more private than using a live usb stick? (note: I don’t feel comfortable with dual-booting.)

I have some questions for you!

  • I use Mullvad Browser, I want to block specific elements on a web page like YouTube recommendations, using uBlock Origin, will it impact fingerprint and make me more unique?

  • With the recent listing of Skiff Mail on Privacy Guides, are you willing to review this service in an upcoming video, just recommend it on Techlore’s website or just wait a little bit.

  • What is your opinion about the recent acquisition of Raivo OTP by Mobime, which seems to be a questionable company.

Keep up the great work! Henry and Jonah!


Hello again mr Henry i have 4 questions this time and i hope you don’t forget about myself and my efforts for helping the community
1 why do you care about security way too much
2 which is your favourite Fediverse platforms
3 Why do you recommend pop os\Linux mint etc to beginners even if they are not listed on both privacy guides and techlore resources
4 what is your thoughts about the Linux YouTuber Trafotin and his views on privacy freedom and security

  1. What is a common blind spot that people who are into privacy often have?
  2. How would you describe the threat model for the average person living in the developed world (US, Canada, Europe)?

At one point, in one video (at least) you mentioned you mainly only use a browser, a password manager and Signal. Is that still mostly the case and if so can you explain more how you do that? What you use, what your approach is etc?

I am growing very sick and tired of tech and computers, with the privacy implications and their complexity and errors and constant need for troubleshooting. One approach is to minimize what I use and what I need them for, like just using a browser for most things/as much as I can.

There are a million edge cases but I have been thinking that I only really need a computer for email, browsing the web, passwords and messaging. Most everything else like calendars and notes as an example I can do offline and with anolog tools.

Going live in 15-30 minutes


Now that Cake Pay is gone, are you optimistic about the future of anonymous digital payments?

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What photo storage solution do u recommend to someone who has been using apple/google photos in the past and doesn’t have the time or dont want to maintain a server? I’m thinking face recognition, currated memories, sharing links and so on.

Self-hosting has become pretty popular in the privacy community. If it were to become much more accessible, would it be something that you would recommend to people? Or would our current cloud-based services still beat it out since it’s managed by more round the clock professionals?

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I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk about lavabit since it was brought back in 2017, but I wonder if it is secure

Do you recommend using tools like privacy.sexy or W10ShutUp? While it’s good for privacy, people who don’t fully understand what they are doing can seriously harm the security of their system.