Joindeleteme vs deleteme?

I am looking into, maybe, trying Deleteme. But there is something “weird” I just realized :

and :

Do not seem to be the same thing at all :thinking:
It appears to me they are 2 different companies. Do you guys have any experience with them. Which is the «good» one ?


Join Delete Me should be the right one

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Thanks, I think I’m going to give it a try to see exactly what it does and what results it will give me. I’m pretty sure the results will be something like “Congratulation ! We found 0 thing on you on the internet but thanks to the large amount of money you just gave us we are going to continue to found nothing on you for the rest of the year.” but I hope I’ll be surprised and change my mind. We’ll see.

Absolutely, check out the ironvest features that come along with membership to Deleteme.