Jitsi No Longer Supports Anonymous Room Creation

Jitsi no longer supports anonymous room creation.

Earlier this year we saw an increase in the number of reports we received about some people using our service in ways that we cannot tolerate. To be more clear, this was not about some people merely saying things that others disliked.
Over the past several months we tried multiple strategies in order to end the violations of our terms of service. However in the end, we determined that requiring authentication was a necessary step to continue operating meet.jit.si.

So this is a moderation issue for Jitsi?

Authenticating does not prevent people from selling drugs via Facebook…

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I don’t think so. If they want to have moderation, they could put authentication years ago, and could make the software closed source.

My understanding from the statement is that they may be warned by the law enforcement because they said they tried to mitigate in other ways.
Whatever the reason was, it is a pity.

It is a pity. There is illegal activity everywhere and the anonymity that their service offered makes them less liable IMO. I assume as you, that if it was law enforcement was involved it is some illegal activity.
It is a shame that they are getting pressure based on the fact they can not help law enforcement, when illegal activity happens all the time on social media and due to the large amount of activity it is ignored.

It’s really sad. I occasionally use the service. Do you guys know any services similar to Jitsi with no account required and privacy respecting?

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This instance is hosted by Framasoft, a French non-profit organization.

A complete list of community instances:

Edit: community instance link added.

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Thanks @Henry and @privacyowl for the links. Creating a “personal room” link has always been a nice feature to have, since I could assign a particular room to a particular person for all future meetings. I’ll definitely check out the recommended alternatives. :pray:

I wished they had a sign in with simple login or email login.

I just tested to make sure.

A bit of a sidenote Also, I can’t use Jisti anymore. I don’t have a Google, Facebook, or GitHub account.
Like hmm, I guess I’ll use calyx meet now.