Is xmpp more secure then session and others

XMPP is secure then othera what is your opinion well according to rob it’s nice…
[Best Secure Instant Messaging Apps for 2021 - YouTube]

XMPP is a communication protocol, not a messenger. And no, I don’t think it is more secure or private than the Signal protocol, for example. Also, I would be very skeptical of anything Rob puts out. At least in the past, he has made some very questionable videos that I would classify as misinformation. There are better privacy-focused channels out there whose content is based on research and expert opinions.


Depends on the client you use, but from my research, all of them (including conversations) collect more metadata than signal or session. It doesn’t send it to a server somewhere, but it stores it locally in plain text.

IMHO, stick with Signal when you want privacy and security but not anonymity, and for people you know or don’t mind giving your phone number to. In other words, use it to replace WhatsApp and/or FB messenger. For when you wanna be anonymous, or when you wanna chat with people that you don’t wish to give your phone number to, use Session or SimpleX.

Conversations app is mostly fine, just make sure you clear app data every once in a while because the app stores more information than I’m comfortable with on your phone. Better than sending it to the server, but still not ideal.

“We reveal that the Conversations app, which uses OMEMO for E2EE communication, store information associated with the local user, contacts, and body of messages sent or received using the app as plaintext in the main database maintained by the app”.

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