Is this a new kind of virus?! PLEASE HELP




Btw iam not christian lol

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For a Bible app, it requests many unnecessary permissions. It’s advisable to get rid of the app and look for alternatives if you are looking for one, preferably an open source one which requests less permissions.

As for whether it’s a virus, i can’t say that for sure. If you suspect it being one, report and uninstall it, hoping for the best. Consider everything in the infected phone compromised and buy a new one, preferably a Google Pixel. Assume all passwords to be compromised, so chage it immediately along with MFA. Again, all of this might not be necessary in the first place given the app may not be a virus in the first place. Research the issue yourself as the stated issue requires first hand insight.

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I didn’t install it so it is SUS ,But the good part it was installed only in work profile which i used only for games and untrusted stuff, So i think my important things are safe, right?

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Is this in the work profile using Shelter, or an actual different profile on your phone. If it’s the latter then your main information should be safe and encrypted. If it’s the former, I’m not sure how that works or what protection it offers.

If you noticed the app today, it could be worth it to factory reset right now if you KNOW you have a backup. There should be a backup done automatically every night if it charges at night. If you factory reset and restore from backup and the app is not there, then you may be in the clear in terms of sticking with that copy. If it’s not, you may want to consider starting from scratching with a fresh install to make sure you’re still not dealing with any potential malware.

To @sec76’s point, you should at least keep an eye out on your main accounts. Depending on what you use on your phone, I would change my master password for my password manager and all passwords for my most important accounts like banking and what have you. If the malware had a keylogger, that’s the problem you’re trying to protect against.

Good job catching something sus on your phone.

Then assume all apps, passwords etc on your work profile to be compromised. Android has a strict seperation in between profiles, so your main profile should be safe. However if you have used something like Shelter, you have to give admin rights to Shelter for it to manage the work profile, which is pretty much the point of Shelter. This however may be an attack surface as the virus could in theory exploit some unseen vulnerabilities. I don’t think doing it is easy, but then again the whole ordeal requires first hand insight. What permissions you have granted to the supposedly virus app? What permissions have you given to the the work profile manager app? What version of Android are you using? So on…

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I begin to freak out but ok iam gonna answer, First iam using Shelter giving it all the permissions it needs, Iam using Samsung phone with android 12 and iam using the work profile for all kind of games, modded apps …etc, while all the other important apps are in the main part of the mobile, Iam using the work profile as an experiment lab to be honest

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