Is this a good Mint Mobile alternative?

Thought I’d look into getting a prepaid SIM card for privacy. Unfortunately I don’t live in the US, so Mint Mobile isn’t offered here. I found this company though:

I think it would work since it’s prepaid, and from their website it seems like you’re able to get a top-up without having an account (Great Phones & Plans with Unlimited Talk | chatr mobile). Thoughts?

Maybe the community can list what they think are good prepaid SIM options in different countries? I have a feeling this will come up a lot over time so it could be good to just have a list as of now. Though maybe anything prepaid would work from a higher threat model perspective?

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That’s a good idea - someone should make a thread for that.

I see one issue though: Even if I get a new prepaid SIM, my IMEI will be the same. What can I do about that? Is there a way to change it? I have a Pixel 6, so it supports eSIMs. Should I find a prepaid provider that has eSIM support?

1 Like has a lot of KYC-free options in lots of countries. Just data though. Just a quick option we stumbled on. Not necessarily good/bad for privacy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks good - I might actually end up using that, since eSIMs use a different IMEI.

I’ll need to get a prepaid credit card with cash though, right? It doesn’t accept crypto.

I’m in the same situation. If you find something could you let me know?

After like a month I’ve decided my threat model doesn’t need something like Mint. I realize I’m not snowden, so it doesn’t really matter if my telecom provider knows my location. What does matter is hiding my communications with people.